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How and Why I Dropped Out of the Ivy League -- and Couldn't Be Happier

By Zachary Slayback December 5, 2016

I was your “textbook” high-achieving student.

I was enrolled at an Ivy League university that I had..

The Top 7 Skills Employers Look For From Young Adults

By Jennifer Schaffer November 21, 2016

So, you’ve graduated from college—or high school—and you’re about to enter the big bad workforce...

If I Drop Out, How Do I Get a Job?

By Rainesford November 18, 2016

First, there are two things to keep in mind: One is that some career paths require a degree, and if..

Body Language Tips for Young Professionals

By Chris Kelly October 2, 2016

We don’t spend as much time interacting face-to-face anymore. Email and text messaging are..

Why High School Students Need More Academic Freedom, Less Rules

By Corey Orndorff September 7, 2016

You may have heard the old phrase “creativity thrives in constraint.” And often it does: some of..

Is There a Difference Between Needing a Break From School and Dropping Out?

By Amber G September 6, 2016

The following is a post from our Ask a Dropout Series. You can find more posts from the series here.


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