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6 Questions You Need to Ask Yourself Before Taking a Gap Year

By Jean November 11, 2015

When I decided that I was going to take a gap year, I spent endless hour planning (read:..

Why Top Universities Want Students To Take a Gap Year

By Jean October 19, 2015

When I told people I was taking a gap year, they were surprised. But they were often even more..

Drishti Narang: Focusing On The Big Picture During Gap Year

By Jamie Stewart June 14, 2015

Drishti Narang is not done with her gap year just yet, but she’s learned some pretty insightful..

Public Speaking + Negotiations = My Weaknesses...

By Chris Kelly May 21, 2015

The following is a short reflection on a few UnCollege skill-building workshops by current fellow..

Alexander Schnapp: An UnCollege Fellow with a Knack for Hack (and Phone Food)

By Jessica and Jon March 16, 2015

Alexander Schnapp is an unorthodox, entrepreneurial-spirited beast...or at least that’s how others..

The University of Everywhere: Reviewing Kevin Carey's "The End of College"

By Morgan Ostrowsky March 10, 2015

What will the future of education look like? Is the foundation of our current system stable?

The Harsh Financial Reality of Dropping Out of College

By Chris Kelly March 3, 2015

If a student drops out of college today, how do parents respond?

Celebrity Gap Years

By Drew Evans March 2, 2015

Slowly but surely, gap years are gaining popularity in the US. Both parents and students alike are..


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