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Alexander Schnapp: An UnCollege Fellow with a Knack for Hack (and Phone Food)

Alexander Schnapp is an unorthodox, entrepreneurial-spirited beast...or at least that’s how others perceive him as he weaves his way through the busy San Francisco streets, riding his motorcycle.

Schnapp grew up in Taiwan and spent his teens in Germany. While a college student at the University of Washington, Schnapp stumbled across Dale J. Stephens, and the UnCollege community. He already had the motivation to pursue his own path, but was intrigued by UnCollege’s unique outlook on learning and education and figured he could use the program’s resources to his advantage. He decided to go for it. After kicking off the program with some volunteering in Mexico, which he describes as an amazing “spiritual and historical cultural experience,” he began to launch his own startup in San Francisco.

Code Name: Alsch
Mission: Provide the world with an awesome “ordering food” app
Hero: Alexander Schnapp
Sidekick: UnCollege

Schnapp’s startup, Alsch, is an in-store payment processing system which allows customers to use a smartphone app to order and pay for food. Customers are notified when their order is complete so they can conveniently walk into the restaurant and take a seat just as their food is being served on the table or pickup the order once it is ready to go without the hassle of having to wait in line or wait on waiters. Also, if you’re sitting and forget to add a side to your order and can’t get the waiter's attention, you can order it on the app, jumpstarting the delivery time.

Only three weeks into UnCollege’s launch phase, Alex is developing a prototype for his app, talking with interested investors, and has already built a website and partnered with two restaurants. He attributes his recent productivity to UnCollege and his UnCollege personal coach, Gabe Stern, in giving him a roadmap to success and the guidance to self-learn and get things moving. Currently, he is working hard to gain the sales and tech skills his app will need to grow and thrive.

Overall, he believes UnCollege to be an awesome, accepting, and supportive educational alternative to those who believe they can make it, but do not know where to start. He loves how the program allows individuals to come together and pursue their interests in a productive and collaborative way, but emphasizes that it is not for the weak. “UnCollege is not for everyone, it’s for those who love to learn. You have to be hard-working, self-directed, and have the drive to make yourself better.”

Schnapp Mission status: Skyrocketing

Check out Alex’s site at:

This post was written by UnCollege fellows Jessica Humphrey and Jonathan Lund. If you like what you've read, leave a comment below.