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6 Questions You Need to Ask Yourself Before Taking a Gap Year

By Jean November 11, 2015

When I decided that I was going to take a gap year, I spent endless hour planning (read:..

Why Top Universities Want Students To Take a Gap Year

By Jean October 19, 2015

When I told people I was taking a gap year, they were surprised. But they were often even more..

Micah's Guide to Creating a Personal Website

By Jean September 16, 2015

by Micah Horner

Make Your Certificates Count

By Jean July 12, 2015
By Catherine Stevens

Design Your Own Learning Bootcamp: A 13-Step Guide

By Jean June 30, 2015

There’s been an explosion of school-like learning programs in the past few years. Programming..

What Schools Don't Teach: Leadership

By Jean January 20, 2015

By Jean Fan

Should I Continue Going to School?

By Jean December 5, 2014

In school, we spend a lot of time feeling really confused. When I was there, it was definitely the..

Why a College Degree Isn't Your Ticket to Financial Security

By Jean July 22, 2014

Many of us have heard of a statistic that's been thrown around over the past decade: college grads..