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Jennifer Schaffer

How to Be Proactive and Make the Most Out of Freshman Year

By Jennifer Schaffer April 9, 2017

Not everyone in the UnCollege community is an unschooler, college dropout or some sort of academic..

The Top 7 Skills Employers Look For From Young Adults

By Jennifer Schaffer November 21, 2016

So, you’ve graduated from college—or high school—and you’re about to enter the big bad workforce...

How To Study STEM Outside of School

By Jennifer Schaffer March 5, 2015

Much has been written about the importance of learning STEM skills at an early age. STEM, the study..

Real World Skills 101: How to Build Your Network of Mentors

By Jennifer Schaffer February 26, 2015

This post is part of an ongoing series created by UnCollege on the skills young adults need as they..