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Cohort 12 Scholarships Available for UC Irvine Class of 2021

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When one door closes, another one opens.

This past weekend, hundreds of hardworking students received some tough news – they were notified that their offer leaders from UC Irvine had been rescinded. There are several debatable reasons why this event occurred, but one this is for certain – dreams were crushed and plans were torn apart. Hundreds of students are now in the position of having to scramble to appeal the decision or make new plans for fall. It's unfair, but it's the reality they face. They're in an uphill battle if they want to hangout with Peter the Anteater, the UC Irvine Mascot, this fall. 

There's no doubt that many will choose not to appeal, and with good reason, but what will they do instead? 

At UnCollege, we believe everyone can benefit from a gap year. They can be used to discover what you want to study on campus, become more self aware, develop essential job skills, gain professional experience, and explore the world outside and all the beauty it has to offer. (Hopefully they will get to see a sunset like the one captured by our fellow Allison in Tanzania last year)! In this difficult time for the UC Irvine Class of 2021, we want to keep another option open by offering $2,000 gap year scholarships to any student originally admitted. 

If you're interested in pursuing a gap year with UnCollege, you can find out details here and apply on our special expedited UC Irvine app here.



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