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Gap Year Profile: Newaz Akbar and Being a Rebel

October 3, 2017


Newaz Akbar grew up in Dhaka City, Bangladesh, and, as a self-described rebel, stepped off..

Announcing UnCollege Gap Semester!

September 13, 2017

Over the past 4 years, UnCollege has helped over 150 students make the most of their gap year..

Gap Year Profile: Karla Quintanilla And Taking Second Chances

September 12, 2017

When Karla did not get accepted to her dream school, she was devastated and did not know what..

Gap Year Profile: Javon Bonds And Moving Out Of His Comfort Zone

September 5, 2017

This week for our #MeetCohort12 series, we meet up with Javon who is very excited about taking a..

Gap Year Profile: Marco Molina And Finding His Balance

August 31, 2017

For Marco, having lived in 6 countries and tried out 4 different education systems, he has had..

Gap Year Profile: Cole Chun And Not Resting On His Laurels

August 29, 2017

This week in our #MeetCohort12 series, we talk to Cole who is a budding entrepreneur. Although..

Gap Year Profile: Yzzy Swearingen - Defying Societal Expectations

August 24, 2017

Like many high school graduates, Yzzy felt that she was obligated to go to college so as not to..


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