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Public Speaking + Negotiations = My Weaknesses...

The following is a short reflection on a few UnCollege skill-building workshops by current fellow Dawn Saquin. Dawn is an adventure seeker motivated to help others live healthier, active lifestyles.


Last week, our UnCollege workshops forced me to uncover a few of my weaknesses – public speaking and negotiations. I was placed in a mock scenario where there was a property owner(me) and a neighboring business where they negotiate over the sale of a small piece of land. We had 10 minutes to read up on our character and then 15 minutes in the meeting. This exercise was kind of a rude awakening being that I’ve never actually done a negotiation exercise before. It is nice to see where I stand when it comes to debating. I practiced these things through what our program specialists here at UnCollege called a “negotiation meeting” that I found very helpful for any future negotiations in my life:

  • Bargaining range (both positive and negative bargaining range
  • First offers in a distributive negotiation: how and when to present a first offer
  • Gathering information to determine the other party’s intentions and goals
  • Managing information about our own intentions and goals
  • Introduction to integrative strategy

This upcoming week I plan on speaking up more in any environment. I tend to shy away from big group discussions. 3+ people in a group makes me feel uneasy. I suppose it’s mainly because of my introverted side and also I care too damn much what people think. And that is my biggest problem. So a goal is to speak publicly to a group at least three times.

I am applying to internships in/around the city and still awaiting some emails. I am a little worried about getting an internship, but also trying to enjoy these last few weeks in the launch phase. Either way this experience is incredible!

Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. –Steve Job

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