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How to Set Up a Happy and Productive Gap Year

By Jean November 23, 2015

So you want to take a gap year, and you have lots of ideas for what it could look like. Perhaps..

The "What You Need to Believe" Framework to Problem Solving

By James Dong May 28, 2015

A powerful way to frame discussions is to ask, what do you need to believe for XYZ-something to be..

Fundamental Tips for Young Entrepreneurs: An Interview with the Fizzle Show's Barrett Brooks

By Chris Kelly April 10, 2015

There’s no shortage of advice on becoming a successful entrepreneur. From in-person seminars to..

What 4 Years of US College Tuition Could Pay For

By Suchi Rudra February 17, 2015

The College Board's most recent survey discovered that the average cost for attending one year at..

Should I Continue Going to School?

By Jean December 5, 2014

In school, we spend a lot of time feeling really confused. When I was there, it was definitely the..

The Joy of Making Things

By Mohnish June 22, 2014

Adam Lupu is a Learning Architect who is designing and building new structures in education and..

The Reality of College Statistics

By Jean June 14, 2014

By Ilana Sawyer (2014 Fellow)

Start Here: Who Are You?

By Jean May 6, 2014

By Jean Fan