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Advice for HS Graduates: Get Started Now

December 21, 2014

I’ve been to several high school graduation parties and conversed with graduates and their..

Preparing For An Experience Abroad: Culture Shock

December 9, 2014

Culture shock can leave travellers feeling misunderstood, exhausted, disoriented and altogether..

How to Drop Out of High School (and Still Get Your Diploma)

December 3, 2014

The following is a guest post by Radhika Morabia a high school dropout and diploma holder.

Don't Just Learn How to Write; Learn How to Write Well

December 2, 2014

Writing is a skill that is never idle. It's a skill we use everyday and every ad, every..

Hacking Your Motivation

November 5, 2014

As hackademics, we often have the added task of self-motivation when it comes to directing our own..

Willpower vs Habits: Why Habits Work

September 25, 2014

Learning to make effective habits instead of relying on willpower to help you give yourself a..

Hacking your First Year of College

August 26, 2014

Many of us look at college as a time to play. I did. The grand plan was to meet people, take some..


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