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Music And Programming Go Hand In Hand For Mentor Edwin Elia

September 14, 2016

Becoming a software engineer took a lot of hard work and individual drive for Edwin Elia...

Gap Year Fellow Dawn S: Blazing Her Own Trail

June 17, 2016

Unsure of what she wanted to study in college, Dawn decided to take a break to participate in..

Fundamental Tips for Young Entrepreneurs: An Interview with the Fizzle Show's Barrett Brooks

April 10, 2015

There’s no shortage of advice on becoming a successful entrepreneur. From in-person seminars to..

Need to Nail an Interview? Here's How.

February 9, 2015

You’re in the waiting room, seconds away from the first round interview for your dream job.


What Is UnCollege Anyway?

February 5, 2015

Earlier this week, we hosted our first ever UnCollege Ask Me Anything (AMA). We decided to..

Interview with a Gap Year Fellow: Nick Mares

October 31, 2014

Why did you decide to do the UnCollege Gap Year?

I knew what I wanted to do, and I knew if I..

Challenge Day

October 29, 2014

Usually, at 5 am on any given Monday morning, the UnCollege fellows are fast asleep, and the..


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