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Gap Year Profile: Newaz Akbar and Being a Rebel

October 3, 2017


Newaz Akbar grew up in Dhaka City, Bangladesh, and, as a self-described rebel, stepped off..

Gap Year Profile: Karla Quintanilla And Taking Second Chances

September 12, 2017

When Karla did not get accepted to her dream school, she was devastated and did not know what..

Gap Year Profile: Javon Bonds And Moving Out Of His Comfort Zone

September 5, 2017

This week for our #MeetCohort12 series, we meet up with Javon who is very excited about taking a..

Gap Year Profile: Marco Molina And Finding His Balance

August 31, 2017

For Marco, having lived in 6 countries and tried out 4 different education systems, he has had..

Gap Year Profile: Cole Chun And Not Resting On His Laurels

August 29, 2017

This week in our #MeetCohort12 series, we talk to Cole who is a budding entrepreneur. Although..

Gap Year Profile: Yzzy Swearingen - Defying Societal Expectations

August 24, 2017

Like many high school graduates, Yzzy felt that she was obligated to go to college so as not to..

Gap Year Profile: Caroline E - Creating A Path To Self Fulfillment

August 22, 2017

After completing her freshman year, Caroline Edwards realized that she needed to take time off..

Gap Year Profile: Angela Calvert And Her Drive To Defy The Odds

August 17, 2017

Although incoming Cohort 12 fellow Angie loved school, she got to experience the harsh side of..

Gap Year Profile: Gabie Lazareff And Her Spirit Of Adventure

August 15, 2017

The beauty of UnCollege comes from the diversity of the fellows. This week in our #MeetCohort12..


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