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Introducing: UnCollege Early Action

Starting January 15, 2017, UnCollege will offer its applicants the opportunity to apply early action. Similar to traditional university early action programs, UnCollege will notify applicants much earlier about their admissions status, giving students more time to plan for the upcoming year. The new program will also offer unique tuition discounts, new scholarship opportunities, and Voyage location preferences to all accepted applicants.

With hundreds of applicants applying for a limited amount of cohort placements, Admissions Director Cody Hartley felt that 2017 was the time to implement an early action option.  "With the huge spike in applications we saw last year, we wanted to provide an opportunity for motivated applicants not only to secure a place in the program but to confirm their first-choice Voyage destinations," says Hartley.  "We’ve also set aside a portion of our financial assistance funds just for early applicants...For fellows ready to make their plans to join us, we're making a commitment to them through these benefits that we’ve built into Early Action."


 Here's more on the three main advantages of applying early action:


1) Scholarships
People who apply early action to UnCollege have a greater chance of qualifying for scholarships. Scholarships are awarded on a combination of first come first serve and need-based reasons. People who choose to apply during the regular admissions period will still have the opportunity to receive a scholarship, but early action applicants will have better odds.


2) Voyage Location Preference
People who are admitted early action to UnCollege will have priority when selecting Voyage destinations! Lately, Indonesia and India have been in extremely high demand and not everyone in past cohorts has received their first choice. Students who are accepted early action will be in the best position to get their first pick. 


3) Increase Your Admissions Chances and Save Money
UnCollege has limited space in each cohort. That's how we ensure that each fellow gets the attention they deserve and the quality of our program never drops. As a result, the more people we admit during early action, the fewer we will be allowed to admit during the normal application window later in the year. Also, all admitted early action applicants will receive $1,000 off the cost of tuition if they submit their initial program deposit by the early action deposit deadline of March 10.

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